Covid in Canton High School

Covid in canton has been the worst thing that has happen specially beacause all the stores and local bussines close due to the big pandemic. All the school in canton force to close and to have online school forcing the students to take classes in the computer. This new "normality" is not fun becuase the students are not use to take classes from online. No one ever thought that this pandemic would stop the Canton school specially the biggest school in Michigan

How students have deal with the online school

Students are having a hard time to do online school , must of the studets are not use too do school online with out the interaction with the teacher or the other students. Most of the students are helping each other with the classes and telling them selfs "We are all in this together, and we get through this, together"this helps other studenst so we all help each other to take the classes and to do the assigments.